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New Moon in Leo calls for strength, introspection, and creativity -

"Leo rules the heart, the spine and the circulating systems of life blood. In kind, Leos are perfectly poised to stand tall in their convictions while also allowing space for a change of heart. This is a sign that knows how to prioritize play and employ joy as its best defense. Love and levity, hallowed be thy revelry." - Reda Wigle - New York Post (8/14/2023)

What do clean slates with possibility, colorful pieces of chalk, and quotes about Leo have in common? Todays new moon! Welcome to this pinnacle point of dark skies beckoning us to become still, reflect, and connect with the shadows within to begin to shift our perspective, tap into our creativity, and have fun in this life.

New moons are considered clean slates, a time to set intentions for the next weeks until the full moon (we get two this month!) This is extra special energy that allows us to delve deeply into the darkness and set our inner light free to illuminate our soulful journey.

The energy has felt heavy this week. A desire to pull the sheets over my head, and let sleep and dreams be my reality instead of struggling to stay upright with the seemingly increased weight of gravity on my body and being. As I look to the stars for some direction, I am brought back to using introspection and staring into my own north star, my heart for the direction I may be seeking outside myself. The theme of a new moon in Leo is one of confidence, ferocity, playfulness, and joy. When I read of Leo's ruling of the heart and spine, it made sense why I was feeling this need to reconnect to my soul, my courage, and my self-respect.

There is big energy in the realm of relationships as well. An opening to not only our most intimate of personal relationships, but also relationships to money, our belongings, our sense of purpose, and particularly relating to self. Have you felt it? I have found old relationships popping back in for closure, new relationships needing to slough away for lack of alignment, and a tumultuous relationship to self finally being seen and necessitating creating deep trust to inner strength and spirit.

Yoga is my portal to stillness. Through the movement of the physical body, my mind and spirit begin to still and come forward to join this flesh and blood vehicle for full presence and reflection. Noticing the choices in life that have led me to this place, and feeling so much gratitude for the journey even in its most shadowed and labyrinth like pathways. Yoga is my solace and my strength. It is never perfect, it is always evolving, but, for me, it has become the doorway to my soul when all other paths feel blocked.

How will you step into this new moon energy? Can you feel the call of the lion or lioness within to be brave, courageous of heart, and step more fully into your wholeness? Come join me this Saturday as we explore these themes, and use our bodies and breath to uncover what we know is already there......heartful living.

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