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I strive to build a yoga and wellness community geared towards uncovering and building our innate desire of self-discovery. Take a look at some of my testimonials below to see how I’ve helped my students progress toward their goals.

As a seventy-four-year-old woman, who ignored too long my body’s cries for help, I got a lot of help from yin yoga. When Lisa Walker started teaching at the Kindness Yoga studios, I signed up for all her classes near my house. She begins the class by inviting us to tell her where we need special attention. She follows through with poses that soothe and heal the injured area. With her repertoire of yoga poses Lisa devises modifications for those of us unable to achieve the more challenging positions. I particularly enjoy the way she fits the exercises into the earth’s larger rhythms of seasons and phases of the moon.   
Mary DeForest, PhD


As a regular to Lisa’s classes, I have come to enjoy the way she generously shares her quiet caring gifts of intentional class themes such as thoughtful quotes, bits of astrology, seasonal changes, & celestial events.  These elements help me to deepen my asana practice. I’m especially grateful for her gentle humor used to help defuse frustration in challenging poses, and the hands-on assistance she offers is more towards improving possibility rather than for correction.


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