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When Your Why is Strong, Your Way is Clear....

As I was practicing yoga, the YouTube instructor (Travis Eliot) made this comment "When we lose our WHY, we lose our WAY". WOW! Let that sink in for a minute. I have been contemplating it since I heard it. Do you know your why? You can use this question for any aspect of your life. Why do you practice yoga? Why are you in your chosen career? Why are you in relationship (or want to be)? Why do you vote the way you do? In the big and small decisions of life, have you ever stopped and connected to your why?

For me, my the why of teaching has been one of evolution. It began with my 200 hour teacher training, which I took to improve my own understanding and practice. I remember practice teaching the others in class and as I cued them to "lift their hearts" I watched as the whole room lifted. Not just the physical bodies, but the energy, the space, my own heart. As I felt tears appear, I remember thinking "Oh, wow, I'm going to teach this, this makes my heart sing!". Ever since that moment I have been fascinated with yoga trainings, philosophy trainings, and now have my Nutrition Therapy Master certification to add as an offering to yoga. Phew!

Whenever I begin to forget my why and my way becomes fuzzy, that first moment in time when I felt my heart sing, is my touchstone to clarity. This doesn't mean I don't have doubts or fears about where this purpose driven lifestyle may go, but when I reconnect to my why, I begin to feel safe, grounded, and courageous. Recognizing that my overly analytical grey matter can be the source of the distortion I feel, not my heart questioning its choice.

I never thought I would be a teacher. I am a lifetime learner, so maybe these go hand in hand, but I was told just recently that I am here to be a conduit to healing for others. My grey matter kicked in and began its chatter of doubt. I was drawn to my website and reconnected to what I said almost 3 years ago when I was building the concept for Twisted Tree Yoga & Wellness. On the home page it says Connect to your health by shifting external beliefs, and reawakening to your internal wisdom..

This is my invitation for you to take some time in your busy day to become still, take a deep breath, and as you exhale connect to a Why you wish to explore. As you start your exploration notice where you may be placing emphasis on external beliefs or validations to support your why rather than your own internal wisdom. How does that change the narrative? Does your why still feel strong, or does it become weakened the more connected to your inner wisdom you become? As you spend more time listening to what makes your heart sing, your WHY in everything you do will strengthen, and your WAY will always become crystal clear.

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